At Essential Harmonics we align with the plants and their energetic make-up. In attuning to our connection to the natural abilities of all our high quality material , we truly feel blessed to share them with you and your clients.

  • We offer wholesale as well as retail sales. Please contact us when considering oils for your store or therapist offices.
  • We are happy at being able to work with these wonderful gifts of our Earth Mother every day. This joy will be felt as you get your oil sets, single essential oils or blends, being able to offer these great gifts to your body.

When your company is looking to enhance the sales of Essential oils, we are sure the Harmonics of our product and our shared vision

will create the essentials for success.

Martien was trained in The Netherlands by the Mediator institute and accredited Aromatherapy school. Moreover the owner, Thea van Bokhoven has been a valuable source for information on essential oils and their uses. In the Netherlands the training is somewhat more involved, as in Europe essential oils can be administered internally by a registered aromatherapist.

We are educated on the LD’s or lethal doses of all oils and which oils may cause problems with prolonged use. Thus knowledge makes it much safer to work with our oils as we source from the people that have tested oils for others over many years.


Later on I started working at True Essence in Calgary, later known as Rae Dunphy aromatics. The legacy Rae has left and her vast knowledge of oils and their uses has been an inspiration for me. In those early years they were my sponsors for entering Canada and a new path that unfolded from there. Ever grateful!