Creating harmony and wholeness with essential oil blends

The alchemy inherent in each drop contains the music of the spheres.

A microcosm of cosmic vibration and attunement.

Proprietary Blends

As a blender of many years and life-streams I studied aromatherapy in The Netherlands at Mediator with Thea van Bokhoven. They are FAGT accredited at HBO level.


I was fortunate to also work with the late Rae Dunphy in Calgary. Jeff and her were my sponsors when I moved to Canada and I am forever grateful to them for their knowledge and deep commitment to purity of their products. A Deep love for nature, flowers and scents specifically, is felt in all products we make at Essential Harmonics


Face Notes - smoothing moisturizer 2 Oz.

This glorious cream is especially soothing for our face where blemishes and spots flee

as snow before the sun and is good on exposed skin. The moisturizing effect and it’s

rejuvenating character are best given the time of night to do it’s gentle work, so your

skin feels refreshed in the morning


Whole Vibrations - Skin and body restorator  2 Oz.

Our signature blends, are exceptional. Many have responded not only with endorsements

we keep getting repeat customers who simply love this product. As it packs a potent power

 it can be used for cuts, scrapes, bruises and burns. Also pains of back and joints can be

addressed because of the presence of Vitamin D and many of the other constituents

















  • Enlightened Muscle  - restoring muscle tone


    For use with a massage on tight muscles. This is a 100% essential oil so please use a carrier oil like, Almond oil, or Olive oil to dilute the oil properly. On face no more then 2.5 % and in a whole body massage no more then 5% of the oil to be used in a carrier. Then massage into muscle tissue for optimal use. content 0.5 Oz.

    This combined treatment allows also for release of old patterns that have led to anger in the past.

    Rub this oil on the sinus area and repeat every 4 hours for optimal use. Dilute properly in carrier oil.

  • Uni-Chord - parasite cleanse

    When parasitic energies require to be addressed this oil releases them from your body. You may also become aware that people that are known as drains in your environment stay away. When applied to the stomach area it can assist with irritable bowel. At all times dilute properly in carrier oil. Content 0.5 Oz.

  • I'M Unity - immune booster

    Upon dealing with a compromised Immune system, this blend comes to the rescue, restoring Do a patch test in your elbow as the oils of oregano and thyme are very potent. Lavender in this blend has a dual use, soothing skin and mind alike. Black spruce supports the adrenals and Melissa is a boon for our mind. Carrot seed is a liver stimulant helpful in times unity. Content 0.5 Oz.


  • Key to Clarity - clear your mind

    To relieve stress and tension that settles in your head we have been asked to gather some potent oils. Peppermint to clear the hard drive, and so to speak empty the closet of dust, then basil to still the mind by resetting it. Marjoram, rosewood and lavender assist in taking off hard edges as they allow us to be gentle and release old paradigms that have not worked for a bit. Thus again creating balanced thinking. Chamomile has been known to create peace of mind for ages and with also our hormonal balance restored by geranium, we may again see clearly what is ahead of us. Content 0.5 Oz.

  • Hormonious - hot no more


    Geranium, ylangylang, and cypressus come to your aid allowing to manage your hormone levels naturally. Clary sage and fennel are part of a female restorative team, one re-aligning the other assisting  release work and connecting with the womb energy. Lavender is simply such an amazing natural balancer it cannot be missed in this blend. Content 0.5 Oz.

  • Gentle Rythm - breathe easy

    To breathe easy, we have been called to combine Eucalyptus Radiata, white pine, and rosalina. We have also called upon the gentle action of Lavender as a natural balancer of body, mind and spirit. Our blends are truly holistic, by the way the oils have called us to create complete treatments. This blend is great to relieve the symptoms and underpinnings of any respiratory dis-harmony. We have added Neroli so any problems of emotional origin are addressed. Content 0.5 Oz.

  • Open Sesame Sinus - release what's held

    The Sinuses can be the depositories of emotions we may let go of. Heaviness can set it-self in our nasal passages and be quite a bother.

    The oils in this blend give comfort to the mind, relieve to the nose and unclog the ways of the past whilst making your head feel so much better in the process. Content 0.5 Oz.

Chakra Set


Essential Harmonics also brings forth a new set of 13 Chakra blends. The essence of 13 chakras was written about in the Veda's and includes less known 'minor chakra points'. The ones included in this line are the minor chakra points so important in Western Well-being. They are important to allow us to ground again into the body we inherit as we walk this plane of existence. We are talking here about the hand and elbow as well as the knee and the foot chakras. We also saw many depictions of these on Maya stellae in Copan and Quirigua in Guatemala. As a point of clarification the chakra system was well known to many cultures around the world and not only to the East Indian culture. Chakras and working with energy points and meridians is vital in cleansing the body of non-aligned 'chi'. Add to this the practice of meditation and stillness and we are on a road of allowing the body to heal itself.


The image to the left is from my classes with Mediator in Breda, The Netherlands, offering a good relationship to the 13 chakra points we choose to work with.


In many ways the oils help us getting out of the way of a beliefs and systems  that we have designed. In a perfect state of well being  our being will express what it does best. To keep an oiled system going strong, all puns intended!

This may lead to us once again to aligning with the essence of Homo Luminous, our light body representation on all levels.  This occurs we then open our kundalini to connect with the cosmic wisdom.


To accomplish this we are asked to allow the serpent to uncoil and connect to the cosmic serpent.


The blends of the chakras include many high vibrational oils such as rose, lotus, frankincense, myrrh and spikenard to name a few. ( some in a 3% in Jojoba )


Note : In working with therapists it has been very important to let people do the work in their body here in this planet. Body workers know, it is of great importance to connect people to their body first. We have altered from a strong alliance with the thirteen Chakra oils our blends for practitioners so we have included the minor chakras of the elbow's, hands' knees and feet instead of including the chakras that will be hard to distinguish by a novice like the difference between the roof of the mouth and the throat. In same manner we see in the chart the brow and two forehead chakra points, it is rather to the high adept to distinguish between these chakras. Working with the minor chakras will keep your clients more grounded and yet connected to both the spiritual and mental aspects connected to their bodies.

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