Creating harmony and wholeness with essential oil blends

The alchemy inherent in each drop contains the music of the spheres.

A microcosm of cosmic vibration and attunement.

Our love for blending

As a blender of many years and life-streams I studied aromatherapy in The Netherlands at Mediator with Thea van Bokhoven. They are FAGT accredited at HBO level, which equates to University.


I was fortunate to also work with the late Rae Dunphy in Calgary. Jeff and her were my sponsors when I moved to Canada and I am forever grateful to them for their knowledge and deep commitment to purity of their products. A Deep love for nature, flowers and scents specifically, is felt in all products we make at Essential Harmonics

Chakra Set


Essential Harmonics also brings forth a new set of 13 Chakra blends. The essence of 13 chakra's was written about in the Veda's and includes less known 'minor chakra points'. The ones included in this line are the minor chakra points so important in Western Well-being. They are important to allow us to ground again into the body we inherit as we walk this plane of existence. We are talking here about the hand and elbow as well as the knee and the foot chakra's. We also saw many depictions of these on Maya stellae in Copan and Quirigua in Guatemala. As a point of clarification the chakra system was well known to many cultures around the world and not only to the East Indian culture. Chakra's and working with energy points and meridians is vital in cleansing the body of non-aligned 'chi'. Add to this the practice of meditation and stillness and we are on a road of allowing the body to heal itself.


The image to the left is from my classes with Mediator in Breda, The Netherlands, offering a good relationship to the 13 chakra points we choose to work with.


In many ways it is getting out of the way of a system that was designed in a perfect state of well being so it can do what it does best. To keep an oiled system going strong, all puns intended!

This may lead to us once again aligning with the essence of Homo Luminous, our light body representation on all levels. In the states this occurs we then open our kundalini to connect with the cosmic wisdom.


To accomplish this we are asked to allow the serpent to uncoil and connect to the cosmic serpent


The blends of the chakra's include many high vibrational oils such as rose, lotus, frankincense, myrrh and spikenard to name a few. ( some in a 3% in Jojoba )


Note : In working with therapists it has been very important to let people do the work in their body here in this planet. Body workers know, it is of great importance to connect people to their body first. We have altered from a strong alliance with the thirteen Chakra oils our blends for practitioners so we have included the minor chakra's of the elbow's, hands' knees and feet instead of including the chakra's that will be hard to distinguish by a novice like the difference between the roof of the mouth and the throat. In same manner we see in the chart the brow and two forehead chakra points, it is rather to the high adept to distinguish between these chakra's. Working with the minor chakra's will keep your clients more grounded and yet connected to both the spiritual and mental aspects connected to their bodies.

The Fifth Tarot Oils set


This is the set that is composed specifically for the Fifth Tarot and works well with the archetypes depicted in the major arcana cards. The depth one may experience of the archetypal depictions through the journey of the essential oils in each blend add a substantial tool. Where do we feel an oil in our bodies and what emotions are coming up that may not have been evoked by the imagery. This tool can assist in unraveling the mysteries we are presented with. The more of our senses we engage the more holistic we perceive of our query.


Each time when you have a reading with a client or with self, and a Major arcana card turns up, dial up the experience,  and use these brilliant blends to uncover  other relationships on a level that you can only access  when using more senses then only your visual cortex.


In the workshops we do, we have heard amazing comments on the use of the Major Arcana oils and how they deepen the experience of the specific energy one is working with after drawing one of the major arcana cards.


The depth of the experience has no bounds, and in a group working with this energy on a cosmic conscious level brings a whole new expression to the joy and grace of the communal essence that we enjoy at this moment. In this way the Fifth Tarot with oils, images and applications truly are tools for transformation.


This is a set of 22 oils in 4 ml. cobalt blue bottles. We have chosen in some instances to use  3% blends in jojoba where precious oils are involved which can be found in many of these marvelous arcana blends.

The whole set is attractively packaged


Be mindful, that for your clients to have an experience with the oils, we do not have to apply multiple drops or large amounts. We have them smell the bottle, and this will allow them to have the experience these oils are offering. This way the sets can last a long time for the tarot reader wishing to add a layer to the experience.